Hey like-minded friends!
It’s almost time for an epic gathering with some brilliant minds.
Mind-blowing chats, healing vibes, idea exchanges, and a hug for your nervous system, all while expanding your friendship horizons :)
Sarah Swain is now joining us!  Along with Mark GrovesDanielle LaporteDr.Sukhi and Deidre Sirriani.
Sky Studio will have one of their amazing Lucia Lights set-up for you to try, and the team from mindfulMEDSwill have their healing mushroom blends available for you to explore. We’ll make sure you have samples to go home with ;)
Kid Carson & Friends is always a mix of loud laughsprofound talks, and hands-on insights, with a twist of entrepreneurship and deep connections.
Come experience it for yourself.

Go Deeper with our Speakers

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The Neuro Lounge™ blends advanced technology with holistic health to optimize brain and body wellness. They offer tailored programs for issues like addiction, anxiety, and chronic pain, utilizing services like Neurofeedback, BrainTap Therapy, and Red Light Therapy. Their mission is to enhance resilience in the nervous system, promoting better health and well-being.


Mobilization Nation, the epitome of vitality, where age is not just a number, but a reflection of the energy within. Spearheaded by the passionate and visionary Genieve Burley, this platform is a fountain of youth for the modern era, encapsulating the essence of inner youthfulness through movement and mindfulness.

Maria Killam is a renowned True Colour Expert specializing in understanding undertones. She offers expert colour advice and training for both interior designers and homeowners. Through her platform, Maria introduces the Killam Colour System, a comprehensive step-by-step guide for identifying neutrals, whites, and choosing a harmonious colour palette for decorating. Her blog, 'COLOUR ME HAPPY,' provides a wealth of design advice, and she also offers eDesign services for personalized colour solutions tailored to individual projects. Maria's approach emphasizes a classic and timeless aesthetic, ensuring homes are not only beautiful but also feel timeless.

Enti Ana, which translates to 'You and I' in Arabic, offers everyday jewelry curated with love and inspired by life experiences. Their collection ranges from earrings, necklaces, bracelets to gold rings, all designed to be timeless pieces. With a commitment to affordability and quality, Enti Ana provides jewelry that elevates any look, ensuring pieces you'll cherish and never want to take off.

Plenty Real Brews, is thoughtfully designed for the wellness minded enthusiasts seeking quality and balance in life. Hand-crafted with premium organic fruits and botanicals that are high in antioxidants, we have created a great tasting, better-for-you alcohol beverage that’s low calorie, low sugar and low carb.

InBox Booths, my studio at Paradox Hotel is in fact a converted INBOX booth.

These inboxes have become insanely popular, with so many people wanting a quiet place to work from at home… or companies who don’t want to deal with building out offices.

A beautiful soundproof glass cube, fresh air circulation, built in speaker... and mobile, so you can take it with you when you move.