It can be really tough to create content that makes a meaningful impact on your audience.


For 15 years I’ve built an amazing career interviewing celebrities, authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

I’m great at what I do because I’m genuinely curious, and I love making people shine.  

There’s something special I’ve learned, that I know will help you…

By using a conversational format, you create a sense of intimacy and connection with potential clients which helps to build trust and credibility.   So when it’s time to buy… they think of YOU. 

One of the key benefits of “Interview-style Advertising” is that it allows you to showcase the expertise and knowledge of your team or company.  It allows you to tell compelling stories and share real-life examples of how your products or services have made a difference for your customers.  Being interviewed also positions you as an authority figure in your field. 

Basically, I dig up the stuff that will make people love you…then we package that conversation as a podcast, AND in bite-size shareable content clips. 

Show up to the interview, and I'll do the rest. 

(Because these interviews create the effect of a “personal endorsement”, an alignment of brand values is critical, and for this reason, only a select number of “Interview-style Advertising” packages are approved.)
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Want to know step-by-step how it works?
  1. Book your interview time in-person, or via Zoom.
  2. We jam on the mic and have a great time!
  3. Your interview magically becomes a PODCAST, hosted on the major platforms, Apple, Spotify, etc.
  4. Interview highlight clips (the parts that create meaningful connections), are sent to you for posting on social media. (Bring on the comments and shares!)
  5. Start sharing your podcast!  Post it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, your website, email list, etc, and get the people talkin’! 

You now have a podcast that will connect with people as they discover your brand online.


You might be asking...“What can I talk about?”

Anything… and we can work on this together. 

Some thought starters are:

  • Trends in your industry….
  •  Meet the CEO…
  •  3 proven ways to do ____…
  •  Learn the fastest way to do ____…
  •  Why you must attend this years ____…
  •  The truth behind ____…
  •  How we’re different than our competition…

You get the picture. 

The mic is hot… let’s jam.


Let's Do It!




  • 30-minute produced podcast with Kid Carson

  • 6 shareable interview highlights for social media

  • Available on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube

  • Shared on Kid's social media (115,000 + followers)


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