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Finally! Let’s speak with truth!

So impressed with this brave man. Speaking the truth comes at a very high price these days. So happy to support this podcast!


Someone finally speaking the truth against Legacy News. So thankful.

Thank you

The mainstream media’s narrative has been divisive and has felt like I have been living in a constant state of being gaslit. THANK YOU for speaking truth and love! You are AMAZING! ❤️🚛🇨🇦

The best!

Absolutely the best !! Thank you Buddy to staying on the right side of history!

100% the truth - Your a really champion

Thanks for launching this eye opening !!

Thank you thank you

For speaking your truth.


Thanks for speaking your truth, for showing people to go beyond their fears and to say and do what they’re hearts and intuition is telling them to do. I have so much respect for you!! You are an inspiration!! Keep up the great work!!

Huge fan

Always been a huge Kid Carson fan. Love his opinions and his thought process. I love that he explores all different avenues and allows for free speech, he does not judge and is such a great public speaker.

You are a hero!

Heard your last message - it was awesome! From the States - we support you!


Thanks for speaking the truth

Kid for Prime Minister!

In all honesty, I appreciate the “realness”. We all need more of it, and Kid, thank you for having a strong back bone for us quietly and concerned people! F-cancel-culture!

Thank you

Just thank you.

Great listen

In a world that is starved for honest, transparent conversations Kid is a breath of fresh air. I love hearing his thoughtful perspectives and look forward to tuning into more podcasts!

I love you!

Thank you for being amazing and telling TRUTH

More recaps please

These guys are hilarious, and I love the show. But I work later hours, and can’t get up when they do. Also the podcast app hasn’t been working. Even throw in some ads if you have to, just to put more up on the podcast :)

Love it

Been a fan of kid Carson for years! Seriously hilarious and so fun to hear all about Kid and Jordan’s stories! Thanks guys for making me laugh everyday!


Love this show! Hilarious and interesting!!!

Love the podcast!

I love that if I miss parts of your show live on the radio that I can catch up. You guys are hilarious!