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Grew up listening to Kid Carson and I am loving the new podcast. The variety of guests and topics. The refreshing take on our world today and the raw honesty. Two thumbs up.

Your Attitude Is Your Currency $$$$

Keep being you Kid. You are doing fantastic and I am so grateful for you and your Podcast.

Breath of fresh air!

This podcast is a breath of fresh air in a time of so much insanity and gaslighting. Thank you so much for standing in your truth and interview all these amazing people. You are part of my sanity ritual.

Keep going!

Thank you for your podcast. You’re the man. Keep it going and keep spreading these truths. We need it!

Appreciate you!

Thank you for staying true to who you are. Now you get to do and be exactly what you want to be. You’re a class act!

Thank you!

Thank you for giving a voice to those of us who have been silenced. And thank you for having a platform where guests that want to tell their stories and speak their truths can do that!

You & Sarah Swain in one day!

Sarah Swain? Boom! 💥Thanks to you both!

Thank you

By far my favourite podcast out there right now. You’ve blown it out of the water. Amazing guests, great questions. You’re really doing it.

Thank you Kid

Thank you for this podcast


Turn off your gov bought brainwashing radio stations and then on Kid. Thank you for being our voice and giving us reliable info. Everyone should appreciate this man, takes balls to stand up and be loud.

I used to find you annoying...

Listening to the genuine you has now changed my opinion. The "character" you portrayed on the radio was something I avoided. It felt fake to me. I now have subscribed to your spotify podcast. It's filled with informative discussions and I can truly say you no longer annoy me! LOL. I'm so impressed you walked away from a well established and lucrative career to stand up for your true beliefs. We need more people in BC to stand tall like you. I sure hope it inspires more to follow. Thanks Kid Carson for changing my opinion about you!

Great interview with Sarah Swain and others

You cover all the best topics! Not to mention Your voice is sexy AF! Thank you for speaking up and freeing yourself ! God bless you and God bless Canada !! 🇨🇦

Thank you!!

I hadn’t heard of you until your last day on the radio. Since then, I’ve been listening to you regularly. Thank you for your courage, your passion, your perseverance and your willingness to step outside your box, comfort zone, etc to do what you’re doing now. I greatly appreciate your personal thoughts as well as the conversations you have with your guests. You are an inspiration.


Just absolutely amazing topics and questions on all of these podcasts. Kid Carson has his fingers deep in the pulse of mainstream Canadians who are AWAKE and watching our world crash to the ground.

A real voice

Thanks Kid for being a breath of fresh air in an incredibly stifling world. Keep using your voice. We’re behind you all the way.

Thank you

Thank you for speaking out! Listening from Alberta 🇨🇦

So great!

A teller of truth, with a big heart!

Your Attitude Is Your Currency $$$$

Keep being you Kid. Wish you continuous success. Sue W

Uncovering truth

Thank you kid Carson for answering a few questions I think we all have been asking!.. it’s refreshing to see some investigative journalism go down. Thank you for speaking out and standing up what you believe in. Never stop! Cheers

The Truth !

I thought the podcast about the convoy money was awesome !. Thank u Keep up the great work !.


Thank you SO MUCH Kid for stepping off the hamster wheel and embracing the truth. Your move has given me hope :)

Found the Kid, heard on Rebel News

Listened to a RebelNews interview with Kid Carson. This 72 year young guy liked what he heard. So found his podcast to keep listening. Keep it up Kid,👍

Kid is a breath of fresh air!

Finally, someone seeking out the truth and boldly standing up for it!

Finally! Let’s speak with truth!

So impressed with this brave man. Speaking the truth comes at a very high price these days. So happy to support this podcast!


Someone finally speaking the truth against Legacy News. So thankful.

Thank you

The mainstream media’s narrative has been divisive and has felt like I have been living in a constant state of being gaslit. THANK YOU for speaking truth and love! You are AMAZING! ❤️🚛🇨🇦

The best!

Absolutely the best !! Thank you Buddy to staying on the right side of history!

100% the truth - Your a really champion

Thanks for launching this eye opening !!

Thank you thank you

For speaking your truth.


Thanks for speaking your truth, for showing people to go beyond their fears and to say and do what they’re hearts and intuition is telling them to do. I have so much respect for you!! You are an inspiration!! Keep up the great work!!