May 16, 2022

39 - Dr. Taylor Bean - Long Hauler Syndrome

39 - Dr. Taylor Bean - Long Hauler Syndrome

Dr. Taylor Bean is back!  A fave of the show, Taylor joins Kid in his new studio to catch up about "all the things" including something called "Long Hauler Syndrome".  We cover a lot of stuff in this chat, hope you enjoy!  Remember you can WATCH this on Spotify.

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Taylor Bean


Dr. Taylor Bean is a Naturopathic Doctor and owner of TaylorMade Wellness in Salmon Arm, BC. She has experience working largely with families, young ones and mamas-to-be. She brings her wisdom as a mother of two to help women achieve a healthy pregnancy and smooth labour. She has worked overseas In Singapore for two years which improved her skills in chronic illness as she saw various patients in SE Asia, India and Australia who were unable to find the care they needed. From her experience working overseas, to now 6 years working in Canada, she has been able to blend Eastern and Western approaches from a clinical and cultural perspective.

While working in Singapore, Dr. Bean worked with several families who wanted to optimize their experience with vaccination. Since then, Dr. Bean has completed the Immunization Certification to administer vaccines in her office, created a vaccine optimization webinar series, and supports families globally who want more information on vaccines from a respectful, transparent and informed choice point of view.

Overall, her passion lies in supporting:
• Lyme disease and co-infections
• Pre- and post-natal care including labour support
• Pediatrics including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, SPD
• Digestive complaints particularly SIBO and IBS
• Vaccine optimization and education
• Genetic report analysis (MTHFR)