March 14, 2022

20 - The Financial System is Rigged w/ Peter Stone

20 - The Financial System is Rigged w/ Peter Stone

This one blew my mind.

Either Peter is nuts... or he's a genius.  You be the judge!


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Peter Stone Profile Photo

Peter Stone

CEO, Author and Researcher

Peter Stone is the founder and CEO of the Sovereign Project, an institution that protects and reclaims the rights and freedom of each individual by providing powerful tools and education, while uniting others who also choose to be free. Peter is the author of The System: Death by a Thousand Cuts, and researcher of 30+ years, covering all aspects of the corrupt global system and the law in relation to our true rights. Through the Project, Pete’s ambition is to help people empower themselves with the same knowledge and connect those who wish to be free to become an unstoppable force for world peace.