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Meet the Show 1

50 Things about... Andrew the intern
50 Things about... Randi Chase
50 Things about... Kid Carson
50 Things about... Chelsea
  1. My name is Kid Carson
  2. I live downtown Vancouver
  3. I work on the radio… in the morning… on SONiC 104.9
  4. I wake up @ 3:30am and I'm on the radio @ 6am
  5. I have a lot to be grateful for, and I am
  6. I meditate every morning... to escape the MATRIX
  7. At home it's me, my fiancé Hanan, and her daughter Paris (who's 8)
  8. This one time Hanan had to many drinks and we made a baby (due this November 2013)
  9. Nervous about being a dad because I didn't know mine
  10. I didn't miss him, my mom was and IS a rockstar
  11. At least 5 times a day I think to myself... why can't we be more like Europe?
  12. I met Randi when she was 17 and I was 21
  13. I think the zero point energy field is an interesting topic
  14. I ride an Evil Twin snowboard
  15. I really, really like Apple stuff
  16. I don't even remember how to use a Windows computer
  17. I sleep with an eye mask
  18. One time I wore baggy jeans like a chump
  19. Sometimes when I say 'one time', I actually mean a year
  20. I love restaurants
  21. I like Tim & Eric, and the Jash YouTube Channel is funny
  22. I quit and came to SONiC because I wanted to be happy
  23. I like Ancient Aliens (TV show)
  24. I think if your entire Instagram feed is selfless you have an unrecognized mental illness
  25. I wonder if the projection of the world we see… is actually a 3-D hologram
  26. I love watching Quantum Physics videos on YouTube
  27. I think there's a lot of truth on YouTube… especially the crazy stuff
  28. Noise cancelling Bose headphones are my best friend when I fly
  29. I'm lucky to have a sister, she's a couple years younger
  30. My male role models growing up were, my grandpa, my mom's boyfriends, Michael Jordan, and Tupac
  31. I had a lot of pets as a kid, and a favourite dog named 'Grizzly'
  32. I went fishing when I was 12 and caught a Rock Bass that I kept and named 'Rocky'
  33. My childhood best friend became a heavy drug user and lives on/off the streets
  34. I hate interviewing celebrities, I'd rather interview the author of a cool book
  35. My recent travels include Prague, Budapest, Croatia, and most recently Greece.
  36. I believe there were ancient civilizations on earth more advanced then we are today
  37. I'm learning to scuba so I can dive at night and pretend I'm in space
  38. David Icke makes some good points
  39. My favourite band is Angels and Airwaves, even though Love part 2 sucked
  40. I'd most like to have a beer with Tom Delong
  41. I try and avoid GMO foods
  42. I believe that a secret government controls the public governments
  43. Sometimes I feel embarrassed about something dumb I said 3 years ago
  44. I'm more of an introvert that has to play the role of extrovert to keep my career going
  45. I love to run the seawall
  46. I always wonder if I should 'nod' when I cross paths with another runner, then I usually don't
  47. I don't think it matters who wins the presidential election, they both answer to the same person
  48. Tequila? Yah I'll drink that
  49. I think getting what you want requires no more work other then getting your thoughts right
  50. Meditation is a game changer
  1. I bought an Xbox just for Netflix
  2. When I go to Starbucks I order a doppio espresso with two ice cubes.
  3. id rather not go somewhere than try to find parking.
  4. I shaved my legs for the first time when I was in grade 5, I also shaved my arms because all my friends had blonde hair and I had brown hair so my arms always looked hairy. I still shave my arms!
  5. I once threw an apple at a boy who called me Godzilla in grade 4.
  6. I hate my chin, kids use to call me Jay Leno. I thought it was cause of my jokes. But it was my chin!
  7. I watched Drop Dead Gorgeous over 100 times and I make every guy I'm interested in watch it.
  8. My sister is my idol.
  9. My mom is better than Oprah, but if I met Oprah I would never admit that.
  10. My dad is the person I always try to make laugh, and when I do it's the biggest success of life!
  11. I love animals, but I use to wear gloves when I touched puppies.
  12. My dream would be to open up a retirement home for cats and dogs.
  13. I am dealthy afraid of poppies, like from remembrance day. I get anxiety every November.
  14. When I'm stressed out I rub the right side of my forehead.
  15. The movie that makes me cry, Simon Birch.
  16. Movie that makes me laugh, Heavy Weights.
  17. Every year on my birthday my mom makes perogies and chicken salad and ice cream cake!
  18. I store stuff in my oven because I don't know how to cook.
  19. I lost my virginity to a man with barbwire tattoos around both his arms.
  20. I've been stung by a manta ray while traveling in Costa Rica. Worst pain ever.
  21. I went to the SD43 semi finals for my speech about euthanasia when I was in grade 11.
  22. I drank 4 cold shots before I performed a speech to be the valedictorian for my grad class. I got the second highest votes!
  23. One of the most embarrassing moments from grade 12 was when I had to sing the national anthem at a football game because the girl who was suppose to sing never showed up.
  24. I was kicked out of the yearbook class for being too distracting.
  25. When I get upset about something I put my right hand over my heart.
  26. Growing up I use to spend Saturday nights watching COPS with my dad and I would style his hair with gel and hairspray. I once cut it and my mom was so mad at me.
  27. I’m allergic to sweet and sour sauce, but I still eat it.
  28. I tried twerking and I knocked over my TV.
  29. I can't drive past the house I grew up in without crying.
  30. my favorite drinking game is never have i ever, i always win.
  31. If i won the lottery tomorrow I would stay doing what i'm doing i would just go on an epic trip with all my friends and i would drive a better car and wear nicer clothes. Oh and i'd get a cat.
  32. I still think the Jerry Springer show is real.
  33. I get extremely frustrated playing monopoly because i'm not good at managing my money, and i always get stuck with owning the railways.
  34. i'm a former champion archer, i had to stop archery when i started going out and partying because my hands got shakey.
  35. I fence on tuesday nights, i like to pretend like I'm Peter Pan battling Captain Hook.
  36. I am a Disney freak. I'd like to think i'm a combination of Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  37. I worked at A & W for one month, until they asked me to clean the washroom. I started to cry and i called my mom to come pick me up.
  38. When i'm bored at a restaurant i make those origami fortune tellers out of the napkin.
  39. I have a sick curiosity of what it would be like to spend a night in jail, this obsession has only gotten worse after watching Orange is the new Black.
  40. Netflix saved my life.
  41. I once beer bonged a mikey of tequila while i was dressed up as a man at a costume party.
  42. I say OoooOoo La La a lot.
  43. I hate when people say " it is what it is", IT OBVIOUSLY IS !
  44. The first CD i got was Ace of Base.
  45. I use to love making mix tapes and inserting my own dialog into the tapes.
  46. I had a yellow walkman and if you never had one of those you there's no way you can truly appreciate ipods.
  47. I wish I could find the old tapes i use to make of me pretending to be a talk show host, i also use to video tape myself pretending to be a sales person on QVC.
  48. I am literally obsessed with singing "do you believe in life after love" by Cher. I've been singing that song 10 times a day for 6 years.
  49. i never get tired of looking at GIFs of people falling.
  50. i never wait for food to cool down before i eat it, which means the roof of mouth always burns.
  1. I have seen dirty dancing more than any other movie ever
  2. I don't understand why ppl love fireworks so much
  3. Everyone tries to guess my ethnicity
  4. I used to work with kids with disabilities
  5. I think I'm psychic
  6. I was in an Aaron carter music video
  7. I read rockstar autobiographies like they're going out of style
  8. I love boy bands . Especially backstreet boys
  9. I am the oldest sibling
  10. I don't love sweet foods. More of a salty girl
  11. All my friends seem to be gay
  12. I have moved 21 times in 6 years
  13. I pay for all dates I go on
  14. I love to karaoke
  15. My favourite sushi roll has cream cheese in it
  16. I love old school 90210
  17. I can recite the movie " legally blonde"
  18. I started in radio at 15 years old
  19. My brother and I are one day apart birthday wise
  20. I love all inclusive vacations
  21. I have big boobs
  22. Half of my family is French
  23. I have 7 tattoos
  24. I once saved my friends life
  25. I love Leo dicaprio
  26. I love men with beards . A lot
  27. My favourite season is fall
  28. I love Seth rogan movies
  29. I sleep with a hot water bottle
  30. I have a lot of best friends
  31. My horoscope never lies
  32. I believe in karma
  33. I get my nails done every two weeks
  34. The bachelor is my fav reality show
  35. I once asked out my cable guy
  36. My fav kardashian is Khloe
  37. I have all seasons of the show "blossom" on DVD
  38. I have been in love twice
  39. I was a twin
  40. I am a Gemini
  41. I have lived in 6 major cities in Canada
  42. I know every random fact about celebrities
  43. I believe in ghosts . Big time
  44. I had a weird crush on John Goodman growing up
  45. My dream trip is Greece
  46. My dream man would be Ryan Reynolds when he is bearded
  47. I love wine
  48. I'm a pub girl not a club girl
  49. My first car was a 1982 mercury topaz
  50. I have a woman crush on Chelsea Handler
  1. My name is Andrew Sosa but people call me Andrew the Intern
  2. I was born in Vancouver on March 19, 1990 … I’m a 90’s baby!
  3. I live in Richmond
  4. I live at home with parents, brother and Grandma
  5. I am the youngest member of the show and in my family
  6. I use Got2Be gel in my hair with freezing spray
  7. My drink of choice is Tequila or Vodka.… shots ;)
  8. My 1st job was at McDonalds as a cashier… “I had a smile that would sell”
  9. I was very shy growing up
  10. Find me on Instagram at @AndrewTheIntern
  11. I am color blind - can’t tell the difference between Green & Red
  12. I have 18 stiches on the top of my head
  13. I come from a diverse background - my Dads from Peru and my Moms from Fiji
  14. I can only speak English fluently
  15. I don’t read books… what’s the point? There’s going to be a movie based on it in a year!
  16. I am a huge fan of Big Brother and yes, I have auditioned for the show and got rejected after the first round
  17. I love listening to house music and can be considered a house junky
  18. I use my parents bathroom to shower & brush my teeth
  19. I Interned with Kid for 5 weeks and then he couldn’t let me go ;)
  20. I Drive a 2002 Blue Jetta
  21. I DONT drink milk… it’s cows piss!
  22. My mom calls me every morning to make sure I’m awake… from down the hallway
  23. Single and not really looking…. in no rush for a relationship
  24. I first met Kid at Avatar where I saved him a seat… which he never used!
  25. I was elected high school President
  26. I was a drama geek and was in 3 productions
  27. I have a Facebook page -
  28. I’ve been punched in the face once in my life… at a bar
  29. I sleep with a pregnancy pillow
  30. The coolest interview I’ve done was with Ryan Lochte and Kaskade
  31. I would NEVER travel alone
  32. I’ve drank breast milk, been electrocuted and tested out a double breast pump on-air
  33. I’m Muslim
  34. I am on twitter at @AndrewIntern
  35. I used to be 217 pounds… those college days!
  36. I was taken out in a wheel chair out of Wet Republic in Vegas – Also shut the pool down! haha
  37. I hate conspiracy theories and choose not to believe them
  38. I don’t believe in Aliens AT ALL
  39. I’m obsessed with my teeth and making sure they’re clean and white
  40. I love getting out on the weekends and enjoying Vancouver’s nightlife
  41. I’m not into watching sports unless it involves hanging out with friends or a bar
  42. I’m not willing to do things that puts my life at risk
  43. I’m always told that I look like Bruno Mars or a young Elvis
  44. My favorite TV series are Entourage, Nip Tuck, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead
  45. I would choose sour candy over chocolate ANY DAY
  46. I am a Pisces
  47. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings
  48. I could be considered a “band wagoner” when it comes to the Canucks
  49. I can understand Hindi & Spanish
  50. My favorite drinking games are “Kings Cup” & “Ride the Bus”